June 17th, 2004


No more frequent company for a while.

After Lynne and Jess visited and went recently, I've picked
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After Lynne and Jess visited and went recently, I've picked <a [lj2] href="http://www.livejournal.com/users/kt_coope/">Katy</a> up from Heathrow and had her company from Friday until Wednesday. She's a nice lass, and in honesty she was happier checking things online and sorting things out with friends rather than attempting to fill her days with mad and random trips. I offered her the chance to go places if she wanted, and if not I'd simply find other things to do while she was online or on a game.

The strange thing was that she arrived at the worst possible time. After asking for work, things fell for me that meant I could have worked every day from Saturday to Tuesday, which would have been useful financially. Instead, I had to cancel my work on Monday and Tuesday, so I could allow Katy to feel like we could travel anywhere if she so desired.

Several interesting things occured while she was here, though. I saw the Spazmonkey of hers, we reminisced over Cedric (icon of Cedric will soon return, once he is scanned) and had several talks about her stories and of Rocket Knight Adventures. In terms of travelling, I've now seen Eternal Sunshine again, visited the British Museum, and enjoyed a milkshake from the Haagen-Dazs restaurant, which was disturbingly good - though this should have been obvious considering the cost of it.

On the last day I tried to wave Katy off, but the train guards wouldn't let me through to say goodbye properly - well, not until all the other people who wanted to get onto the train had got on and by then I had no idea where Katy was on the train. I expect she saw me wandering up and down the platform looking confused, but I didn't get to say goodbye with the traditional waving I usually do, so shrugged and went for a big trip around London. From that, acquisitions were made.

I now have an orange-red top from <a href="http://www.mujionline.com/default.html">Muji</a>, and a few tops from <a href="http://www.uniqlo.co.uk/">Uniqlo</a>, and also managed to pick up Ape Escape 2 and Frequency for rather cheap second-hand from <a href="http://www.gamefocus.co.uk">here</a>, a place which also tempted me by having the Zelda: Four Swords Gamecube game available to buy.

Tonight I work. Not sure how that'll go. If England don't win I will be afraid of being there, given there's a pub so close by. Heck, even if they do win I fear the worst. Thank goodness that security alarm will finally get put in within a week, for the future and whichever day England get knocked out.
Not now.

Well, England won.

To those from across various waters, England won a football game against Switzerland 3-0.

The amount of children running around shouting "England!" and cars tooting as they pass this shop is phenomenal. It scares me, to be frank. You don't see this very often, and it is this that makes this experience rather scary to me.

I mean, it's only Switzerland in a group game, a game we were expected to win comfortably. I don't know, maybe I'm just not cut out to support football teams any more because I can't recall ever getting so excited that I'd chant the team's name out and honk a car horn every 200 metres over a rather academic result.

Still, at least it means there are no riots around here, for now.