July 6th, 2004

Morose little bugger

Conversation with a runt.

While at work, this gem of a conversation occured between me and a kid who'd been browsing our rental DVD section for a while.

The runt began with "Do you buy DVDs?" and produced a DVD box onto the counter; the film in question being Romeo Must Die. There is a sticker on the lower left-hand corner of the box. This sticker says "1040", written with a permanent black marker. I look him in the eyes and walk to our rental section of the shop. You see, all our DVDs and videos are found by numbers (on the spine of video boxes and the bottom-left corner of DVD boxes). Indeed, our rental copy of Romeo Must Die has the number 1040.

I politely pointed out he shouldn't try and sell this to our shop, as the box for the disc is actually ours. He kicks up a strop about it, claiming it's his and it was in the boot of his car. I then inform him to take his disc out of the box and sod off before the disc gets thrown out into the street with him after it, perhaps in not so polite a fashion.

Still, this is why working with an independent shop is fun.