July 16th, 2004


"They'll spit you up and chew you out!"

If you read this journal, you know I am not a morning person. I once wondered if I could get myself out of this, and enjoy the mornings again. I suspect only a serious job will manage to lull me out of this fun lifestyle of sleeping late/waking late. Today's shift was the second sleeping late/waking early scenario in a row for me, and it had me so tired at the beginning of my shift, that I called someone and asked if they could start their shift earlier, just so I could head home and sleep. Obviously, when noon passed my body clock's alarm system triggered and I've been wide awake and chirpy since.

The shop has strange [logic-defying] moments. We really do have to click that logical part of our brain off when our shifts start. Whilst being terribly analytical (and henceforth being lulled into an area I have less expertise in, working on impulses) I love this. I work inside a little bubble of chaos. The real world stops and our own little maelstrom begins once we arrive for our shifts. Such is the way of the shop. Working in this atmosphere does show a person's character, I feel, as a lot of decisions and actions are very heartfelt and genuine. Inside the shop I'm cheerful through and through, occasionally a little malicious with a sarcastic comment, but I treat people as they do me. This can be compared to Tom, who... well, it's fun to watch him work. Honestly. It's light entertainment how he treats the ignorant. He's still finding out what he wants to do. Whatever will make him happy, will keep him content to his old age. I don't think I ever will. I don't think I mind, per se. I think the chaos doesn't help the blood pressure, but it does make for an interesting workplace and that means more right now.

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Mum was given a dodgy parking ticket today, despite having a permit to park. I'm currently making photocopies of the ticket she got permitting her to park where she did. It might take a while to get this resolved as we have no contact details to pester these people... we'll have to send a photocopied page off with a letter to the address where they ask you to send the money to. In another situation where no news is bad news, Joe from SI seems difficult to contact. I'll take that as a good sign that now's not a time I'm wanted in, if at all. Still, I'll keep annoying the bejesus out of the fellow until he shouts down the phone that if I pester him again he will try to inflict pain. That sounds like a good line to set up to eventually try to cross, I reckon.

Lastly, a few things are going cheap in the shop. I picked up a few DVDs to record things onto (backing up all my music onto one disc sounds a nice thing) and acquired Bombastic for £10 (the Devil Dice sequel - a good puzzle game, a godawful name) and there's a few other interesting titles in this offer. I'm trying not to have a wild spending spree but I fear it may be happening sooner than it should.

I've got to work tomorrow. Working on a Friday sounds such a foreign concept to me. It's not looking good for my future - I don't do mornings, and Fridays confuse me... I guess I'd best go to sleep.