July 23rd, 2004


Blocked in so many ways.

This post will begin with me talking about something that means more to me than it does you and will, with every paragraph, be of more use to more of you. Or, at least, that's the intention. I may amend this post consequently.

Since Thursday morning I've suffered a blocked left ear and nose. Otex went to work on it and did its job until this morning, so I had to re-attempt to fix this. My ears are now back and operational: the nose will remain blocked temporarily.

Another thing that was blocked was an account of mine on Gunbound. I felt the game was improving, so offered funding to get it working better. My account was then hacked into within days, as if I became a target with my newfound currency. I was very disappointed in this, so attempted to contact the people behind Gunbound to see if my currency could be passed over to another avatar - no response. I informed Paypal, who are in the process of getting me a refund. Gunbound closed the account in question, to prevent the hackers from getting anything else out of the avatar, I'm sure.

I've got myself out of the rut I was in, in terms of not feeling like travelling or meeting people. I'm very much in the mood to travel, to get away from work for a bit whilst in nice company. So, who's visiting London anytime soon? I know I'm going to meet Jess in Leicester, and Sel and Katy (and more!) may be down in early August to see Jerry Springer: The Opera, which I would like to see.

I finally got my mobile phone fixed, so you can pester me with messages again when I'm not near the PC. Which isn't very often, I know. Pfft.

I've been given the chance to beta test the feature livejournal are working on, which will allow you to shove pictures up onto their space. I've only set up basic things so far, but they're here if you want to see. You may need to be logged in to see these pictures.

Lastly, I'm now allowed to offer an invite to someone so they can use Gmail. Any takers for it? I know I've seen a few people post requesting the chance to get an account, but I believe they've since obtained accounts from friends earning invites before I have. First come, first served on this.