August 10th, 2004

Subliminal idiocy.

Ways to entertain yourself with new toys.

Jusquun: There's a man down our road who drives like a maniac, which is bad as our road isn't one to drive like a maniac on.
Jusquun: He's a short fat man who thinks because he's behind a Mercedes, he's the Messiah.
Jusquun: So on the way home today, I was messing around with a new camera I got, and I saw him ironing a shirt in the frontroom. In nothing but boxers.
Jusquun: So I set the camera to MEGA FLASH and snapped away.
Jusquun: He looked around out of the window wondering what the hell went on, and I'm happy that I've made him paranoid.

So, yeah. New toy of a simple cheap camera. Also got some nice new shoes for cheap. I'm all packed and ready to go to Jess' besides the games/DVDs I want to take. I'm heading up to Leicester until Friday, which'll be a nice change of pace after the last few weeks.

I intend to take the stepometer thing and see how much of a walk I really am capable of, to see how many steps there truly are from Enfield to Leicester. Yes, I am trying to find a way to entertain myself with the prospect of travelling through some very nasty weather.
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