August 14th, 2004

Barcode Simplicity

Another revolution to the origin.

Lo, I have returned from Jess'. There's not a lot to report on, I simply enjoyed a rather mellow few days of trips around the city centre and occasional bursts of gamesplaying. I also learnt how to reconstruct the frontroom sofa to make an excellent bed. It really was a work of modern engineering. You'd have been proud of me. I know I was.

...simple people are easily pleased, yes.

Certain circumstances have arisen as a result of this trip, however. I now have several songs compounded in my head; primarily the introduction music to Flipnic, where robotic voices sing a song to the Flipnic God wondering if the player will have good luck for this playing session to the tune of Daisy, Daisy. I want a file of this in some format to enjoy at any moment. To those with the game, you may be able to collate more information on the song lyrics. Please do. I at least want to know the words I desire to hum along to.

(As an aside, I am actually tempted by's price, given I was interested in the game but had adjudged - due to the limitations of a pinball game - that I'd not pay more than £10 for it. It's an entertaining title, that can be played in a swift five-minute burst. I also noted Pipotrons were featured for a brief moment, which entertained me thoroughly.)

Over the week I've been sent a postcard by the nice co-worker and close friend asti. The peurile side of me was amused as she began to run out of space on the postcard, and the squished last sentence she scrawled appeared to say "Fart thee well!" I've also noticed a fellow Enfieldian appears to have found my journal and we subsequently had a pleasant chat this evening. It's nice to feel interesting, and having someone find you and say hello causes that.

Again, simple people = simply entertained.
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