November 13th, 2004


1 cannot be entertaining any more.

I had a nice conversation where someone managed to completely confuse themselves solely by me saying "1" to them, but the conversation was since lost.

Last night, on a whim and a desire to wake up early for once, I asked Jamie if she wanted to travel into London. As a result, we travelled around the city with a vengeance and my debit card. It was a bright Friday with occasional cold spells and this meant I actually bought items of clothing - but only because they were very cheap or very maroon, or were keeping me warm. I paid for sweets (Hi-Chews especially) from the Japan Centre, and I also ended up getting the Gamecube's Paper Mario incarnation from the local shop on the way home.

Jamie's currently been enjoying Paper Mario. I'm enjoying the fact she's got engrossed in a game and I'm being a bit of a backseat player, helping her when she gets stuck and all that.

I'll post a few pics of things when I get the chance to upload them. There was a really nice Cyberdog top I reckon one or two of you would like, in terms of the interesting design to it.
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