December 16th, 2004


What do you do at work?

Personally, I catch up on the last 80 posts or so in the first hour of this shift. Yesterday was the deadest I've seen this shop and today's not much better. And it's the 16th of December? It feels nothing like it. I'm genuinely shocked, and moreso was bored until I thought I may as well browse livejournal and catch up on things.

I've been a long way behind on things regarding online life - Jamie's had lots of people she knew come by and visit. First, her aunt, flying all the way from New York. And a few days ago her friend Emily came from Bristol. So most of the time I've had people around. Not a problem, per se - just makes it difficult to keep in touch. I feel guilty neglecting friends online but feel guilty neglecting friends sitting in my room at the time. So... yeah. That's why I'm not around.

Subsequently, most of the days since my last post have been full of adventure as people have been here and therefore we've travelled a lot. However... my memory is awful. People have learned this. I wonder why it's got so bad, but... I can't recall what's gone on from day to day. I might attempt something like this if I get some free time without guilt hitting me.

Work to do now. Well, not really a great deal of work at all, but it's best to do something active.
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