February 2nd, 2005


But, really, why no stress?

Being content can be a problem. Being content for too long can mean boredom seeps in; where once a nice thing a monotonous thing is instead. Being content is to have too little stress to bother you. Stress is useful to us, to keep goals in mind and work towards them; to stretch ourselves when we want to develop.

The goals depend on the person. I'm content easily, and I don't desire much in life - so my goals are simple to achieve but things I must keep working on, to prevent monotony and to ensure I am as happy and pleased with things from one day to the next - if not feeling better. I like my life, I like the simplicity of it all and the way things can happen spontaneously in it. I enjoy the risks that there are with this lifestyle, when I think about it.

I keep offering to buy Jamie things. Jamie regularly declines. If she ever does show an interest in something, it's usually something that allows her to enjoy her life more. I've not seen Jamie make many impulse purchases while around her, unless I've goaded her on.

Most of us don't know that you don't need money as much as you think you do. From listening to people who have close to nothing for themselves yet still have a smile on their face, you realise that some things are better than money.

Money does not buy you happiness. Money buys you choices and chances to develop yourself to a level that you can be happy, but it does not make you happy. Rich grandmothers should know better, for they were probably children waiting for a relative to snuff it to allow themselves a chance at happiness, yet the items they inherit seldom manage to.

Happiness is difficult to find. If you know there's something out there that will make you feel better, set yourself some time to go for it and do it.

...it was just in my head.

The never-ending blinking eyes.

Did you know the main reason that I've not checked livejournal so much or written things is because I don't have the drive to get the words up on here? Well, you probably didn't - I didn't really think about it until right now.

But it is important to remember these things, and my memory is poor. So I should consider writing up some important things, and then less important things.

Jamie has gotten better. She had pains, she has them less now. This means we can travel and do more, and that is what has been happening. This stops Jamie from being bored and me from worrying that Jamie might be bored.

I saw "A Very Long Engagement" on Monday. It was a very beautiful film, and the storyline was cleverly thought-out, as most of the films I've seen by Jean-Pierre Jeunet are. However, there's an underlying feeling that I missed something - too many characters, perhaps? It'll take another viewing before I can say I enjoyed the film, but then the morose tone of the film and the setting and the deaths may not actually cause enjoyment to be the only emotion I'd pick up from a second viewing of the film.

I went into London with Jamie on Tuesday. We purchased a lot of Mountain Dew. We also informed staff members in the shop that a drink I purchased before was out of date. As an apology, they gave Jamie another can of Mountain Dew.

CJ will arrive in a week's time, on Tuesday. I'm getting some time off work so I can try to grab local friends and introduce them to her. It'll also allow for more fun in terms of multi-player games, if we can get lots of people to meet up together.

"Pancake Day" went excellently. Golden Syrup was bought just for the occasion. I ate four pancakes, and this was something I have not done for years. I did not snack during the day, so that is most likely why.

The secret ingredient is crime.

The Americans have fire over there, from what I have been told.

Having a poker chip on you will make you perform better whilst bowling. This has proven true between Jamie, Tomoko and myself several times, and was true again on Tuesday. I played awfully, Jamie did not - I did not know why until she mentioned the poker chip she had.

Polystyrene sheets are excellent frisbees. Also great fun to try to catch on a windy day if thrown upwards. The flight pattern of a polystyrene sheet is very unpredictable.
nb:If you don't have a polystyrene sheet, try a balloon with a marble inside.

Jamie cannot throw a bag of things forwards. This has happened three times now, enough to know it is true. Jamie will not argue with me on this.

Our shop also has a smell of sewage and fish-glue you used to use at primary school here in England. In the next few months, when things get warmer again, this may be an entertaining workplace to be around. "A cat may have crawled under the workplace and died." may well be my response to anyone who asks what the smell is in the shop.

The Americans, as a whole, do not celebrate Pancake Day, from what I have heard.

The mother did not realise we're going to have two Pancake Days in this household this year, for officially the real Pancake Day is on the 8th. Still, I'm not going to bring this up until later on in the week. I bought a bottle of golden syrup and intended to use as much of it up as possible.