April 4th, 2005


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After last week, where I worked quite a bit and felt quite accomplished at the end of it, I wonder how I'm going to deal with less hours and the less hectic schedule I'll be back to. I think I prefer the idea of more hours at work to more hours at home, with some of the family melodrama that's developed.

My sister has now left for Spain with her boyfriend because my Nan has nagged her so much. I wonder how different things might have been if I'd visited Nan more, so she had someone else to rant at. This is the woman who I was able to chart at nagging three times an hour whilst being here for Christmas - this statistic accounts for the times she was sleeping.

Nan's ranting about this - except now she's got nobody to scream at aside from using the telephone. It's going to make trips up to her place on the Friday interesting, as it'll be one of the few times she'll get company in the week now. She's truly fallen into this state of mind where she can't get out of the house now. I'm not sure what to do about this, as she's not going to change how she is. She's a stubborn one. Maybe I'll have to look into how she can get a care worker pop round. She needs someone to help her with the things that she's unable to do, and if she won't let us help...

To get a joint bank account set up I need my passport, the three bank statements from the last three months, and proof of address. Does Jamie need it too? Maybe she needs to set up another account first and I have to tack on to it. Either way, this bank situation could be one of the quickest things to organise.
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