September 7th, 2005


Some things change, some things don't.

I will soon gain employment at a shop that buys in and sells computer games. Once I have my social security number I can work in a place with a pleasant and outgoing manager who's losing his hair at an early age, an assistant manager who doesn't enjoy the idea of being customer-friendly, and a few games-obsessed colleagues.

During the interview, I discussed how the shop reminded me of the place I used to work. I wonder if working there will make me more homesick than any phone calls with the family I've made.

There's a lot of questions on my mind regarding processes and things to do, but it's all rather subjective and speculative. Still, while they're in the head:

1. What's the best way to increase credit rating quickly? I believe other family members have wrecked Jamie's credit rating, so I can only assume we should apply for credit cards with ridiculous interest rates, pay for groceries on them - a different card used every week - and pay the cards back as soon as the bills roll in.

2. What options are out there for American students, regarding loans? I know Jamie would love to go back to school again, and part of the reason I enjoyed the prospect of moving here was giving her the option of completing her work, but I do know we'll have to deal with loans and debt and all that scary stuff. Is a student loan payable within X months/years of leaving school, regardless of the job the student got into, or is it only payable once the student earns a certain amount per year?

3. Now that things are getting closer to being settled, are there any requests from English people, for items I can purchase and post to them? Given we're not earning money yet, if you want anything pricey we'd need the money by Paypal first - and if you only want a small trinket, I'm sure we could attempt to do some kind of transatlantic swap, where foods and drinks come our way.

I think that's it. There must be more, but it's not coming to me right now.
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