January 12th, 2006

Standard Deviation

Ordeals on wheels.

Now is a good time to start dealing with eBay all over again. I suppose there's a few items I brought over from England that really aren't getting used in America. I may as well profit from them, though I sense disaster in selling PAL Region 2 DVDs in America. I am doing this so that we can finally use the rest of the money loitering on Paypal. Jamie's really getting into photography and would like something to develop her talent further. There are two cameras in mind: one by Canon, one by Panasonic. Both are just a little bit more costly than the amount that I have lying in Paypal right now.

Maybe Jamie will also get a tattoo done in New York tomorrow. She wants a certain set of words on her back, but doesn't have a font that feels right for it. Using my handwriting was the original plan, but I don't know if I can recreate a style of writing that fits the message Jamie wants.

Five weeks to go until my interview. Still a lot of things to do. I feel like I'm missing something critical to all of this. That something is going to blindside us and cause one annoyance between now and then.

I really need to learn to drive. That'll have to be a goal after the green light from immigration. But then I really need to get on with a lot of things. I'm becoming a little bit worse at procrastinating, spending time listing the things to do and putting them in an order, instead of actually doing things.

It's strange having so many desires that aren't tangential: the desire to drive, the desire to feel secure in another country. It leaves me in a feeling of limbo, to some extent. Sometimes I don't feel like much has changed in the last half a year, which is bizarre because everything has, really. At least the organising makes all the arduous tasks seem like a large amount of baby steps. And without a car of my own, I've gotten used to walking around.
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