January 29th, 2006


The Stimulant Of Impetus: It's all I hear these days.

My recent idea of a project that I'd love to try to do and will never have any ability to do whatsoever: I want to design a deck of cards. The backing with its pretty intricate design, and the lettering for the corners and the joker designs and the other picture cards and the pretty designs you could do with the aces, like they always do with the Ace of Spades. Also, why do cards always have a white backing to them? Why not a red/black backing with the symbols as white? It sounds pretty in my mind.

I am now playing Mario Kart online quite often. My code to play against me (all both of you with a DS+Mario Kart+WiFi connection-Social Life) is 433855 752085. This is liable to change soon, though.

I also want to make an icon with a gold frame and a blue sky and grey grass and a robot frolicking in the grass, with the words "ERROR" in some computer-y font in the sky. It sounds better in my mind than it would as an icon, though, because 100 x 100 is a difficult resolution for bizarre things.

But designing things isn't something I have a desire to do right now, past the initial belief that my ideas might be good. Partially because if I actually got around to designing every aspect of a deck of cards, to design something ultimately perfect in every way, that that is one hell of a waste of time that could be spent doing much more interesting and entertaining things.

The robot frolicking in the grey grass will have to wait for the immediate future.
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