February 15th, 2006


Bold Two-In-One: What February Bought Deanie

The last time I posted was at the end of January. A lot's happened, and a lot of pictures are involved with this. For those who want to skim the post, look for words in bold and click on them; they'll tell you a lot about what's going on.

Jamie and I spent the last few weeks primarily working towards our interview regarding my application for a Green Card, which means I can be given a lot of rights the average American citizen has (not allowed to vote, mind) and means Jamie and I can worry about married life without any chance that I'll get thrown out of the country - for two years, at least. The interview went well, which is why I'm writing this post up instead of packing my bags and being deported. We had a celebratory meal with Jamie's aunt Lois afterwards, and while today has been a slow day (recuperating from the lack of sleep we all got the night before this damnedable interview) it's been more productive than any other day of this year.

Other things have happened too: here's a recap of three weeks of this year. I like this year. Though slow at times, it has been productive and I feel like there's always so many things we can do, which is better than the boredom we suffered in Enfield.

Jamie and I exchanged presents for Valentine's Day - though as I always do to whoever I'm with, I spoiled Jamie rotten. Jamie's been going on about cameras for the last few months and so I bought her a fancy camera and tripod using all the money I had lying around on Paypal. Now all I have to do is try to tempt Jamie into using it - she's so nervous because it's so new and pretty and she doesn't want to use it to some extent, for fear of damaging it. I also got Jamie some bits and pieces from PETA's website and a Fear and Loathing poster, which has yet to arrive despite being the first thing I ordered. I also won her a small red sweater that looks like it's meant to fit on a pencil, but doesn't. It's the type of bizarre stuff I buy Jamie. It cost 25 cents and pleased her almost as much as the camera. It's surprising what can make people happy.

Jamie got me a heart-shaped pizza and a GameCube. We spent some time playing a fair amount of the PDA game in Alien Hominid, and I've spent a little bit of post-interview time making levels up, while Jamie typed on here and slept. We're waiting for friends to crop up so we can go and do something interesting in celebrating with friends - to be honest, Thursday and Friday are the major days, where we could go to see a band perform and Jamie can get to see Emily, who she misses terribly.

I also got to switch my busted DS for a nice Mario Kart red DS at GameStop a week ago. It was apparently reserved for the ex-manager who was moved to another store, but as nobody liked him and he was still working at a game shop and would get another one crop up in the near future, I was allowed to snag it. Ergo, another Mario Kart code will have to be created and offered to all of you who'd like to play against me. I'm sorry that I'm making your life so difficult.

I have to try to draw a simplified picture of Jamie with a big mouth. I look forwards to this project with great eagerness. Jamie wants to redesign her journal and I suggested the idea of Jamie's red glasses having links to sectors of livejournal, and a large mouth having all the gubbins (the recent entries, the friends' entries, etc) inside it. Whether this design can be practically implemented is something I'd like to see, but doubt I will shy of bribing a HTML-savvy friend.

Over here we also had some snow. About 18 inches or so of it. The weather has been so nice since then that most of it has thawed away and we're down to a few inches left. I don't have snowshoes or cold-weather clothing, so while it was pretty to see snow, I've seen enough snow for this season to be content now. It's a shame we didn't get to see New York like this, though. Jamie says it looks magical and I can imagine how. It's amazing to imagine that Central Park had two feet of snow in it. That's enough to lose a small dog in. I could have lost Harry in that.

I have a new email address. I'm not sure if it will become the primary email address of mine, but I don't appear to be able to post emails from the cyberscore address any more, so it'll certainly be used sometimes. The new email address is misterlizard@optonline.net - feel free to send a test message my way.

Jamie got a new tattoo - I got to design the lettering for her back. The sentence she wanted was 'How Strange It Is To Be Anything At All...', a part of a song lyric Jamie enjoys but more importantly, a strong feeling Jamie has with how happy she is to even exist, and how bizarre it is that we even do, and how some of us have so many chances to live life and do nothing, while so many people have their lives taken away from them way before they should have, but still did something that could be considered a legacy, or something to be proud of. It's a really strong message - are you doing all you can to live these days? If not, why not? You're not going to be around forever.

Jamie and I baked a lemon-flavoured cake. It was too sweet for us, after putting on too much frosting. Lois has eaten it all over time, finding the cake succulent. At least it was an attempt at making something different. Next time, we might try a pizza - maybe even including making the dough, though a pizza shop nearby makes excellent pizzas - it'd be easier to buy some from them and simply deal with the toppings and the heating of them.

Jamie and I might make a voice post soon. Depends on when Jamie feels like saying something, because I'll ramble on about anything, given the chance. It's more difficult for Jamie to say something without it being forced. Maybe we'll sing nursery rhymes for everyone.

Jamie and I have lost heat in the shop we work at - West Coast Video in Midland Park. No heat for a month. It's enough to cause a lot of mutinous comments from the other staff members, but the manager has done all he can and he gets just as cold as us. Still, we hope to be compensated for working in what are considered illegal conditions for our rate of pay (under 55 degrees Fahrenheit, at any time, is considered very bad) even if it may time some time for this thank-you to surface.

This is a recent picture of me that Jamie took a while ago on her old camera. I like it. I look thoughtful - something that seems surprising to capture given I always think that some of my looks towards cameras are over-the-top and ridiculous. I've always admired Jamie's work and want her to continue on with it, and I hope that she has a chance to do more given this new camera. She has a picture journal and I might even revive a picture journal I made up, if her old camera becomes a hand-me-down of sorts.

I think that's a fair catch-up post. Anything else anyone would like to know? Comment-please, and I will answer your questions, any questions at all.
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