February 20th, 2006

No Worries

Request: What I Need Is Music, This Is Step One.

I want to hear new music desperately. Good music is preferable, but at this point I won't be choosy. I need this part of my life to be new and fresh again to help me start to get somewhere.

I put in this DVD full of mp3s I had on my old computer while I wrote my last post and felt a bit bored with the music I played, and embarrassed at the music I didn't play. It's understandable: the DVD was burned in the middle of 2005. So much has changed in so many other ways, and I've not listened to anything new shy of Jamie's collection. I've let that side of me become stagnant.

And every time I listen to music Jamie plays while she's in the shower, or while it's in the background while she writes an LJ post, it reminds me I'm an idiot. I really do need music. And this, readers, is where you come in. This is where I need advice. I know it's a problem to ask for music, because if I list bands I like, I'll get similar things to that suggested. But at this point, where I've not heard anything for a while, maybe that'd be a spark, at least, to try to find more things.

I really need music that will excite me and make me want to go and do anything and everything - you will not know how much I need this until I find it. I don't know where to look in this way, but it's obviously got to be different to what I'm listening to now.

But, let's start things simply: I simply need to hear things that I've never heard before. For someone that has so many friends who nurture music, and have so much love and devotion in what they produce, I'm a bit of a bastard for never making enough time to listen to their projects. I need to listen to bands people recommend, and music you people make. I would love any CD compilations people make, or mp3 compilations or DVD-mp3 compilations, if you've got ridiculous amounts of time on your hands. I will listen to every bit of music I receive. I will try to state what I enjoyed in everything I received, and maybe it'd point me towards a new direction that I need.

So. Anyone have ideas, or anyone willing to ship me a CD or a DVD? I'll try to offer something nice to anyone who'll help, if I can. A nice picture or icon, maybe. I seem to make good icons when I have good music playing. Inspiration and all that.
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