May 16th, 2006

One Bright Idea

I Need Help

Since we bought an external hard drive, I've now been able to move the old music I used to listen to in England onto somewhere that is easier to get to. It is only now that I realise how I downloaded garbage just because I had the ability to. Some of the music in there is terrible. I also need to get round to organising which songs are good selections for playing Burnout 3 to. I had a nice soundtrack for that before.

However, it won't happen today. Jamie's feeling unwell so I'll be heading into work today for half of her shift.

Now, this movie post. I had this feeling that I will probably be around work for 12 of the 14 days Jamie is away in Seattle, and I'll try to rent a different film every day. I'm hoping I'll purchase a few films I really enjoy, to rival the plethora of Kiefer-related films our room is filled with. However, I wanted to get some input from everyone here. I'm sure there's a few gems out there I've never seen or heard of.

For this poll I created, just type something in if it springs to mind. I can't imagine most people would have a recommendation for each type of film. I'm just curious to see what types of films are suggested.

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ADDED: I filled out the poll myself, just to give an idea of what I like, in case something springs to your mind given my responses. As I did so, I realised I should be more specific about some of the questions...

The foreign film could be in English (eg: an Australian film) - I didn't mean a subtitled film especially.
The black and white film could be an old film, or a recent film using B&W to portray age (eg: Good Night And Good Luck)
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