June 10th, 2006


6 AM phone call.

I usually don't bother so much with answering early morning phone calls, but I felt like something bad was happening on the other end of this phone call. I woke up out of sleep and felt strangely awake as I answered a phone call at 6:20 AM (usually I sleep deeply enough that I go right through these things).

Jamie has had a massive falling out with her sisters after a drunken argument. I'm hoping sleep and sobreity will prevail and things can be resolved. If not, she's going to be doing everything she can to come back a few days early, even if that means Emily and her leave on different flights. It's a situation I never dreamed could occur, and it puts everything about the Seattle move on hold.

She was at a breaking point, to the extreme of talking about killing herself and how she'd do it. I don't know how to react to that kind of stuff, past the statement of: 'Please don't'. I have to hope a lot of this was down to it being Jamie's first day of being able to get drunk (antibiotics up until now) and everyone had too much as a 'celebration'.

I have to call her at noon my time to wake up the group up. Their plan for today was to see the rainforests in a rental car Jamie paid for. Apparently this was how the argument started, so it might be too sore a point for anyone to do anything. I don't know. I'm hoping when everyone wakes up and sobers up this will have resolved itself, but I'm very uncertain about it all. I guess I have to find out more about it, just like everyone else will at some point when Jamie writes up about it.
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