July 30th, 2006

Feed Your Head

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Today has been an unusual day. The cats have been very troublesome over the last few days, and I'm afraid last night they were at their worst. They screamed from 4 AM onwards at Jamie and me, and kept screaming until Sandi and Autumn woke up, refreshed after a good night's sleep, at about 10 AM. This is the third day in a row they've been like that, and I'm afraid this time I couldn't keep myself awake for any serious activity.

I'd pump up the air bed that the cats punctured, and find the hole in it, and repair that - then I'd need to doze for a bit. I'd then wake up and make something to eat, and then feel drowzy and full and need to nap for a bit more. I remember being semi-awake at the point were Jamie came back from a walk to the gym; the walk was her way of venting the frustration at having no way of getting away from the cats at night.

Time passed and it was at some point around 2 PM, and then at some point it was nearly 5 PM and Schnitzel was butting into me and crying. Jamie, Sandi and Autumn all decided to head to Olympia and travel around between those two times. I knew all I'd feel was sleepy and subsequently carsick, so I remember saying I didn't want to go. I don't remember them leaving, which makes me a little guilty. Still, that sleep did me the world of good.

I've been awake since 5 PM, and just dossing around with bits and pieces. I walked to the local store and bought soda. I've been putting CDs of ours onto The Hudge, our 250 GB external hard drive, so that when we all get mp3 players to help with the running/jogging, it's easier to select the songs we want. I wanted to see what stores I'd walk by if I walked for a half-hour down a main street around here. I've been playing with all the cats. I've been watching bits of television. I've started typing this up. I've made food. I've gone for another walk and bought more food, and bought Jamie a few surprise presents (it doesn't warrant being a full-blown birthday present, so when you read this post, check behind the amp just under this PC.)

And I'm waiting for company. It's not boredom, but curiosity to know what they did. I expected the group back before now. I'm slightly concerned, but that's only because I didn't see the group leave, so I'm not sure when they started their trip. They'll be home soon.

I guess it's time to inflate the airbed again, make sure the patch I put over the hole holds. I must say that pumping up the bed is a chore I enjoy. It's a monotonous job where you can zone out just as you're starting, and then you look and the bed's inflated.

I'm sure I could and should have done so many more productive things, but it was a nice day, even if I'm sure the trio that departed without me had a better time.
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