September 12th, 2006

Mr. Harry Smalldawg Esquire

Two Cents; Presents.

Someone sent me and Jamie V For Vendetta; it arrived in our mailbox today. I'm presuming someone left a comment saying that they'd do this, but I've not been getting any messages. Either way, Jamie and I are surprised and thankful someone did something like this for us.

And best of all, they ordered this film from a store in Seattle. What better way of finding stores with cheap merchandise, than someone ordering stuff for us from there initially?

However, financially, we miscalculated on how low our finances were going to be. Checks hadn't cleared at the time we expected them to, so we suddenly lost a lot of money we thought was already paid off. So: no more going out to bars or extravagant meals for quite a while. Alas, not even any more 24 for a little while. Still, that's life.

I've been using spare time reading about card games from many centuries ago. For example: Piquet is a game Napoleon used to play. Yesterday, I was trying to work out the structure of the game and how to play it well, while Jamie was reading a chapter on the condition chickens can live in, from a book called Diet For A New America, by Tim Robbins.

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For some reason, by the time Jamie finished the chapter on these battery hens, I lost concentration on how to play the card game. Sensationalistic as it may be, it's certainly an image that doesn't seem to settle well in my mind. The chapter Jamie will read tonight will be about pigs.
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