October 17th, 2006

Converse Contrast

It's Never Quite Four Anymore

How does one convert a Quicktime .mov file eventually to a .gif file for potential icon-creating? I presume it has to get there via .avi, but don't know of any programs that do that type of thing.

My indulgences on eBay arrived. I bought some nice plum-coloured Converses with the very last scraps of money I found in Paypal. I've already gotten a few pairs of thumbs pointing upwards regarding these shoes, from people I waited at a bus stop with earlier on today. A shame my job limits the chance to wear them, and Tacoma's raining season is set to start and I fear this could ruin the critters. Still, I now have a nice pair of shoes to use for special occasions. However, I don't like the faded plum lace colour. New laces will be acquired. I never seem to agree with the initial colour choice of shoelaces for Converses I purchase. I'm thinking of acquiring gold for these shoes, to show off the shimmering pattern on the shoes. Maybe plain and simple white.

See, it's always the little things that bother me. I think it's because I can actually get around to resolving these simple things. I buy a pair of shoelaces for a few dollars, wait, and put them in, and it's all done and completed with ten minutes of effort and two days of waiting for mail. I think this simplistic approach to life is a good way to deal with it. Get lots of small, simple things done and out of the way while you can! Constant change is always good, even if it involves miniscule changes such as this. I guess when you're on a budget, you've got to think on a smaller scale about a lot of things. I think this is also why I like working on Livejournal icons, too. Small and simple little boxes to make as fancy as you want, with as many pretty details as one desires, or some simple block of colour or picture with a few quickly-thrown-together words.

I had a plan to try to save enough to visit England for Christmas. Given how slowly the process of earning money is going, this isn't going to happen without a compromise somewhere. It's wiser for me to consider going back for my birthday in April. A cheaper time to travel, though school will get in the way of some people meeting me. What breaks happen for people in England around this March/April time? When is the spring break holiday of a week or so? Maybe I should try to travel then. Maybe I should just go ahead and buy the tickets on the credit card and enjoy myself and damn the consequences. That feels so childish and immature, to put myself and Jamie in so much debt just for a chance to go home and see family one more time, and hopefully see friends. Besides, if I do leave just before Christmas, I lose out at working at the busiest times for the retail stores, where plenty of hours are available. I don't know. None of the options available for this seem wise to consider right now, while we're starved in terms of making money.

I also think that I'd miss the American foods I'm starting to see day in, day out. I never thought I'd get settled to it, but I feel better in myself, after the years of greasy chips and burgers the family used to make. I should have stepped in and asked to prepare my own food more often in England. But my mother never liked anyone in her kitchen, and she always seemed confused about why I'd want my food prepared in the oven. Eating vegetarian indoors is as more easy than I could have imagined, and I love the simplicity of oven cooking - preheat oven, put food in, flip food, eat food. No chip pan fires, no greasy foods, no microwaved foods. How did the microwave get into so many people's houses? What a terribly frightening invention.

Time to stop typing and start ordering gold shoelaces.
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