October 31st, 2006

Phoning Honey

e-Icarus flew too close to the e-sun. End result: e-burnination.

Ox413X15: *sits next to you and stares at you*

A username I've ever seen before doing something relatively intense to introduce themselves. Hm.

Jusquun: I've never seen this username before... I'd guess a name but I don't want to offend if I'm wrong.
Ox413X15: i've never seen yours either.
Jusquun: Well, in that case it was good that I didn't guess, I wouldn't have done much good at all. But. In spite of "Who are you?" being a better question, I prefer "How are you?"

I feel the phrasing of that sentence came from watching too much V For Vendetta.

Ox413X15: ah
Ox413X15: you're sweet

A username I've never seen before that is flirting at me. Hmm. I ignore it.

Jusquun: I still didn't get the answer to how you were, though. Is it rude to ask how and who you are in one sentence?
Ox413X15: lol
Ox413X15: i'm fine.

Is this a sign of a sharp mind; a witty play on words, where she states that in terms of how she is, she's fine, and in terms of who she is, she's also fine? I have my opinion on the matter.

Ox413X15: you?
Jusquun: Not too bad. Just got back from work. Sitting around bored. How did you find this username if you've never seen it before, then?
Ox413X15: *shrug*
Jusquun: Hmm. So, you found this name out of nowhere with no questions of who I am and no statements about who you are...
Ox413X15: *shrug*
Jusquun: *scratches chin* ...I've never met a person like this before, I must admit.

Writing did nothing, so I tried to see if *actions* spoke louder than words.

Ox413X15: lol
Ox413X15: tell me about you.
Jusquun: And you'll respond with something about you?
Ox413X15: yes.
Ox413X15: equally as informative.

So, based on that response, and being an open book, I do. A nice long babbling paragraph or three because I'm going to cook something. First name, age, where I live, where I've lived, what I do as work, who I live with, what I'm making to eat. Favourite colour, special interests, and an AFK because I'm checking something in the oven.

Ox413X15: My name is spike, you can call me alexis.  I'm aged 21.  I live in Bally, Pennsylvania right now but I lived most of my life in New Jersey.  I work nowhere and live with my sister, so I have to cook by putting double whoppers in the microwave for a few minutes.  My life is boring. My favorite color is black, and I don't really have any special interests.  I'm going to turn the oven on and stick my head in it and hopefully kill myself.  K.

Loves black and threatening to stick zir head in the oven? Emolicious! So I write a few more paragraphs back in detail asking where zie lived in New Jersey. Maybe zie wanted me to flirt, or maybe zie wanted me to say zie shouldn't put zir head in an oven. Either way, zie got bored waiting for me to e-flirt back.

Ox413X15: jesus christ, you talk too much.
Ox413X15 signed off.
Jusquun: I do.
Previous message was not received by Ox413X15 because of error: User Ox413X15 is not available.

And shot down! I felt so proud!

So, there's an AIM name and a bit of a backstory to them. I wonder how much one could find out about this person. There's apparently nothing more fun than goading someone random, given that seemed to be their idea of a good time tonight.
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