December 16th, 2006

Rod Hull Needs Jelly

Proud Virgin...

...Cellphone Owner. Virgin Mobile have fabulous offers for people who don't use cellphones much (i.e. me) and currently offer a deal that means they are effectively paying me to take their cellphone, what with the paid time they give you for free. I wonder which friend of mine might take the cellphone's text-receiving/call-receiving virginity, as it were.

And then I got a wonderful telephone number too. 253-468-1470. I love that telephone number. It's one of the few numbers I've ever heard and gone 'Yep, I can remember that.' It's easy. Area code, numbers around the 5, and all the numbers down the left side of a telephone, ending in 0.

Anyway! Yes, send messages and harass me if so desired. I would appreciate anything from anyone. But I don't like the US system where one pays to receive and read a text message. The UK method of paying more to send and nothing to receive, is a far better structure for it all.
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