December 28th, 2006


A Turn Up For The Books

I was given a PlayStation 2 yesterday. Without a controller and without accurate knowledge of how well the system works, but a PS2 nonetheless. I don't understand.

But I am now bored beyond belief. I thought people might be at home by the time I returned home from work at 10. I was wrong. So I spent an evening refreshing webpages and looking through the history of PS2 games to look into. Recommendations would be appreciated as I have always had a tendency to ignore Sony's systems, to some extent. Though I was becoming very curious with the PSP for it was starting to have quirky game concepts appear on it. The PS2 games I'm most curious of are the games which I never got to try while I lived in England.

So, to try and most likely acquire:
The Katamari Damacy series.
Shadow of the Colossus.
Ape Escape 3.
Soul Calibur 3.

Curious of:
Ratchet & Clank variants - I enjoyed bits of the first two games.
Sly Cooper & variants - I enjoyed what I got to play of the first.
Arcade-y golf game? - I enjoy playing those types of games to relax.
Bully - just because I want to play a Rockstar game without the killing.
Micro Machines v4 - for nostalgia's sake, but I fear it's awful.
Metal Gear Solid 3 - but I am awful at sneaking games.
Mercury Meltdown Remix - but I sense the PSP version is better.
Lumines - again, I sense the PSP version is better.

La Vida Es Buena?

The Spanish and the Latin Americans celebrate Dia de los Santos Inocentes on December 28th, essentially their day of traditionally carrying out pranks without fear of reprisal. Like our April Fool's Day.

I love these types of days. I wonder how many other countries celebrate a day like this, of pranks and fun, on other days of the calendar. I'd try to celebrate every single one of them at every opportunity. I'd love to go and do something fun for today. I'm set to start making phone calls now. If I don't find a good idea regarding what to do for today I might go a little loco, as it were.

I found out my family in England were thinking of working together to buy a laptop for me for Christmas. Shipping something like that would have cost a pretty penny, and the worst thing is how the British money costs so much compared to the dollar, and that if they'd found (as an example) a laptop that would cost 300 pounds, I would wager it would not be as good as a $600 machine. I guess that's why I simply like crisps from there, or objects I can't find in America. I'm going to go and bring back the strawberry milkshake sweets (nicknamed "slugs" by Jamie) from England. I wonder what wonderful junk food is in England right now. I feel like eating junk food. I feel like today is going to be best spent eating junk food and trying to kill time because I'm not sure if I will be able to meet up with anyone. Ah well.

I'm going to look up flight prices, then I'm going to look into calling people. It's a shame I'm limited by who I know. I'd like it if the phone calls would take longer than the flight-searching, but I know that's not to be. It's a gorgeous day outside, at least. A perfect day for photos if we hadn't lost the camera chargers.

100 Things We Didn't Know Last Year

For some reason, the Internet distracted me and I found this page of useless facts very entertaining or interesting.

Now. Questions for people. The gap between Spring Term and Summer Term is typically 20 March to 20 April, from a few quick searches.

Does anyone in England that might want to meet me potentially have any time between 20 March-20 April off?

I'm tempted to fly as early as possible after the break occurs to try to get things done while people aren't cramming for the next term. I'm also set to be sleeping in a house alone - my family are travelling themselves on the 24th March for two weeks. Alternative plan is to wait until they return and leave a lot later - 6th of April to the 20th? It'd mean having my birthday in England. I don't think I could organise a party in such a short period of time, however.

Which websites are good for showing you flexible pricing around the days you might want to fly, showing the cheapest flight in a block of a few days/a week? Expedia was awful.