February 1st, 2007

Je Suis Un Limey

The Status, Simplified.

Sometimes the familiarity of words and their typically generic structural frame means you take them for granted. Sometimes, just hearing the same word over and over and losing touch of what the word sounds like and more about how the word feels and what it causes as a reaction, and following on from that, losing touch of even that point. That's when you can say you've deconstructed a word down to its most basic form, to the parts of its sum, and can appreciate each and every facet of what it is and what it stands for collectively, and what its intentions were being mixed and placed into that exact form.

Imagine being able to do that with every word you heard: break it down to its most basic form and appreciate it all.

Imagine if we're not just talking about words here, but items. That light that glows from the bulb which comes from the filament and that filament made of particles and each particle has its purpose and reason, and one could break it all down, piece by infinitesimal piece and give each piece as much meaning as the whole item combined.

One is all, all is one, eh? No wonder the concept of spiritual enlightenment takes a while. To be able to think of everything, and to then break everything down - and never want to try to fix it again... but it's what we've got to do, at some point. Human reasoning is based upon breaking it down, rearranging it and building it back up. Be it an analysis of a choice, what is better for me in this moment in time, we're breaking the whole thing down to yes and nos and then taking these fragments and linking them to some giant answer. When we fall apart and have to start again, we break ourselves down, look at the flaws in us which were found out, the flaws in the person we chose, and try to avoid that occurrence again. We, as humans, are capable of this incredible task and can achieve it with enough concentration and desire for change.

It is all about change and concentration. Not wanting to stop at just what is relevant to one person, or a group, or a culture or class or culture. It's all-encompassing and all around us and is everything we can get our minds around and also everything we have been unable to disorganise enough - it's everything we can't get our minds around just as much. How are we meant to handle that?

We all forget the value of human worth. Each vote in an election is only worth a vote, right? But each person is not worth one vote. If we all had a common passion, a reason to scream and sing and dance and love and enjoy something, we'd tell the whole world about it, and with that enthusiasm, you intrigue someone else, and your love and drive drives them, and your choices are now worth two votes. And repeat onwards and onwards. Sweep the whole world with these connections, because we are. We're all connected, there's links everywhere and we have to respect that even when we feel at our most alone, there's someone out there.

Someone right now is thinking of you fondly. You might not have talked to them for ten years, but in their mind, you were a good person then and they wished they still knew you. We are all these smallest fragments on this infinite world. And we can link together to form connections, like words do. We can all get on, if we all wanted to. But where's the opportunity for profit if you're not making someone feel inadequate by not having what you want to sell them?

This was entirely not what I expected I'd have written in here by the end of the night. I was meant to talk of ordering flight tickets and of shows I saw, and this'll be ignored as Philosophy 101 by some and just be ignored by others. Ah, the lack of footholds in this stage of thinking. Maybe I shouldn't be looking for footholds in the first place!

Time to order some plane tickets. I was meant to three hours ago.
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Why so specific?

I wish there was a website that would let me enter that I'd like to just go when it's cheapest. I have no care of when in the month or what time in the day or how many days I want to go for. I just want to go and come back. Ah, maybe I just need to go somewhere with a fast connection and abuse the hell out of it until I find the flights I need. Every possible ramification takes a while, though.

How hard can it be? Seattle to London. I should call telephone desks instead, they might be able to mess around with the dates and times a little better than online sites manage. I'm just tired of the same old websites and the same overpriced tickets.

Actually, I have to ensure I arrive at least a few days before the 24th, as this is when Mum and Cliff may leave for a trip to India and I have to say hello to them. When I leave is still as vague as I want to go. Probably getting back here before the end of March is a good plan.

I wish I'd just got that $512 deal while it was there. Best I can see now verges around $600 around times I didn't want to go. But if I've got to pay more, I'm at least taking a flight which splits at an interesting part of the world. Vancouver, perhaps. I could say I spent a few hours in Canada, and notch another country onto my list of visited places.