August 29th, 2007

Rod Hull Needs Jelly

Oops, Gitten, Oops.

I'm in West Seattle. I was going to go for an adventure in the early afternoon, but knowing I wouldn't feel energetic enough until then, I accepted the task of waiting for a parcel. Not a problem. I have books and films and entertainment and enough time to do something productive afterwards.

It'll be here between 10:30 and 2, I'm told. Fine with me. That gives me three hours to check out the local area afterwards, as a worst case scenario, and then I can come back at around 5, to watch a film with the household before leaving and heading back to Tacoma.

It's 2:45 and I'm now unsure of what to do. The right thing is to wait, as I really have no direction in where I want to go anyway unless I return later than 5 PM. The only really local places are the mall and the grocery store. There's nothing I need, nothing I couldn't find online for cheaper in terms of a mall-item, and there's some food to snack on in this household if I want to keep waiting.

But I've kind of wasted a day of beautiful sunshine. I was productive, though. I finished reading my book and a few comics strewn around in the household. But now I'm at stasis: my PSP battery is low enough that I need to keep the last of it for the bus ride home, and television is really more terrible than I remembered it to be, and I've not got the concentration for a movie.

I know I'm going to wait just so it is definitely delivered and I can make a joke of the situation, to see what reactions I get: "Yeah, he was a whole [X minutes] late. I was so ticked off I only gave the UPS driver a ten dollar tip."

But I also know the moment I attempt to go to the bathroom, I'll miss him. Bastard UPS driver.