December 22nd, 2007


The attempted catchphrase of our store, Christmas 2007.

"I'm going to gut and salt you like a pickle!"

Long story short: The Scarlet Pickler is going to continue leaving a pickle outside our game store in the late hours for our manager to be confused about when he opens the store the next morning. If our manager exhibits enough distress, more pickles will show up. Maybe a cucumber one day. The plan is to confuse my manager enough about the total randomness of this, that he'll be totally blindsided when I try to claim the phrase above is a very popular British phrase and is the most used phrase by many British celebrities in their comedy shows over there.

Day zero, the pickle was contorted until it ruptured, its juices depleted, and it was salted liberally to attempt to make it shrivel away so it may appear even more ghastly the next morning.

Time will tell what will occur from this, but I can't believe it'll be anything short of pointless.
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