December 23rd, 2008

Ickle Cute Thing

Ungrateful Shit

My family sent over some Christmas presents. I feel bad because they told me to open the presents as soon as they arrived, as some were perishable. I must have kept way out of the loop with them - my primary Christmas present, once unwrapped, were three t-shirts that are oversized and have all kinds of designs (Celtic patterns and skulls and dragons on them) that aren't really anything to do with my personality.

It's a strange set of gifts, especially as in the near future, I have to go through my clothes and get rid of some of them before the move, just to get that moving process running a bit smoother. These are definitely shirts I don't have any attraction to, and don't want to take them with me.

The little trinkets were a bit more on the cute side - Steph received a mini-gift of an EVA Pez dispenser, of all things. Steph has a mystifying way of having Pez dispensers gravitate towards her.

I also finally got around to asking why my stimulus check didn't arrive, and that'll be with me "within a month". Perfect timing to help finance things. I wanted to leave this money for a time that I'd really need it. I just didn't expect I would be so lazy as to leave the money in the government's hands rather than, say, my savings account.

So... today I work at 2. I've got to look in the Pike Place market areas for ideas for Christmas dinner. I have to call my family. I have to shave my beard - a rule of thumb to know when your beard is too long is if you can suck your upper lip in and are able to bite the beard hairs from it. That's the point where it gets gross and things like blackbirds and combs start getting lost in it.
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