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Fun potential job.
It'd only be short-term, admittedly, but I have the opportunity (if the interview goes well) of playtesting the new Championship Manager game.

Interview on the 5th. I'm not getting my hopes up too high, a lot of people will be after these positions, so I might miss out due to my quiet nature. But, I have to try to see if I can do something. Come on, this is a chance to play a game no-one else will see for months, and maybe even get paid for it! Hoho.

Maximum I'd be "working" there would be a month as well, so it's as short-term as it gets. But, it's a good thing to put on a CV as well, if I'm given the opportunity to work.

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Just a random thing to say here, since you mentioned jobs - the UGC is recruiting for part-timers at the moment - I just joined up with 'em and start next week! (holiday from uni, so I've got the time) The UGC's not far from you either, and you'd get to see films for freeeee! ;D It's pretty easy to get a job in there. Anyway, just thought I'd let you know.

(Btw, my email account is totally mucked up at the moment - well, my shitty BT one is anyway - so if you send me any emails, I won't be able to read 'em. But I do have a Hotmail one, just in case;, it's Greyflea@hotmail.com - yes, I was lookin' at George when I thought that one up! ;)

Wow, I must go there and get a job! I'll go there tomorrow, see what I can get. Any chance I'd be able to work at the same hours as you, so we could both idle at the job together etc?

You must come over soon, too, now your uni stuff's all over with. Am playing Smash Brothers Melee now. I didn't think this could be better than the original... but, oh my.

That's cool! You've got to bring a CV with you, btw; forgot to mention that. (but that's obvious anyway! ;D) Ok, well I haven't been told what hours and days I'm workin' there yet - but I said I wanted anyime on Sunday, Wednesday evenings, anytime Friday, and possibly Saturday mornings, if that's any help. ^_^ I'm gonna be working on the box office section, but I'll no doubt be doin' a bit of everything. Hehe, that'd be nice if you got a job there - then we can catch up on gossip! *laughs*

Yeah, I wouldn't mind comin' over soon to see you - and since I'll be working down that end, it'll be near you too. :) Oh, is it any good? Iwanna get it at some stage.

I've got a new ICQ btw (since I can't talk in emails ;_;) it's 160263144.

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