There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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And I didn't kiss anyone's arse, damn it.
Ickle Cute Thing
This was the day of the interview for my first real job - playtesting Championship Manager.

It was raining heavily, I struggled to find the place I was meant to, and Joe didn't pay much attention to us, admitting if we got there in this weather he had no qualms with our reliability in the future.

Ireland played Germany while we had our interview, and it was a shorter interview than most had, it appeared, simply because Joe was engrossed and wanted us to disappear so he could enjoy the game.

I remember heading to Covent Garden, to get a Cyberdog t-shirt, and my jeans were soaked through when I looked at a television in that area, declaring that Germany still had the lead over Ireland in the 89th minute. If I'd waited until full time I'd have seen Ireland score an equaliser and I imagine I'd have bounced back to the train stations without noticing how wet I was.

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er...i meant to say I want...

it was dark...i couldn't see what i was typing...

Well, that's why I got it. Best I've seen otherwise is £10 (new). Which is still not that bad.

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