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Another visit from Jess.

Mum decreed Tuesday was a "OH MY GOD SOMEONE IS VISITING THE PLACE MUST BE PERFECT" day, to impress Jess. All that was really needed to be done was eventually done late at night - the sofabed was pulled out and made so Jess had somewhere to sleep.

We set off for Cyberdog shops. Firstly the smaller branch in Covent Garden - I had to take something back that wasn't working (a light-up panel to go on the front of a t-shirt) - and got a replacement for it. After that we headed to the larger Camden Town shop. We went to the reduced items section, and there was a neon orange jacket. I initially thought it looked lovely, being a massive fan of orange. I snapped it up. Jess did have a mild look of concern on her face as I got it, surprised I'd bought it as it wasn't something she could imagine being worn often.

The rest of the week was relatively quiet - I felt odd, regarding if the jacket was worth buying, and I couldn't get a refund on it, so had to deal with it. Only other thing I remember was Jess enjoyed looking around Forbidden Planet so much she was late for the train she was meant to get on and had to travel on a different train home.

It was another nice relaxing visit.

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