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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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How to get indoors.
So after the film, the three of us made our way home. One minor flaw with the orange jacket was that it didn't have big pockets, and my trousers didn't either - so I never took front door keys. I was told by Cliff that he'd be in.

Except, when I returned, I knocked twice and heard Harry whinging... usually a sign that no-one was in. I put my ear to the letterbox and heard the radio faintly playing - a definite sign that no-one was in. So I knocked next door and the neighbour had a front door key. So I walk in... and notice a letter on the hallway floor:


Your keys are next door. Knock for them.

Yes. Inside the house, in a place I'd only see once I got in, is a letter telling me the only way to get in is next door. Stupid? Yes. As stupid as it gets? With my family, oh no.

You see, my Nan managed to take this one step further. When we got back, I needed to go to toilet - but just as I was going to, the phone rang. I ran to get it, and it was Nan. I quickly said hi and asked her if she didn't mind me going away quick. She said she had something important to say, though... so I waited. She then told me, FROM THE HOME PHONE, that Cliff had to go out and the front door keys were next door.

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If it's a MS USB mouse you ought to be able to get a PS2 port adapter for it. S'what I do.

I had a mammoth sesh on Super Monkey Ball against my sister, her girlfriend and their exceedingly fit neighbour, top laff. Mostly Monkey Target & Fight.

Yes, but as the mouse was bought at Cash Converters and I dunno how much this converter might cost... well, I dunno.

I'm set to go to Argos today to get a Scart splitter and there's a PC World right next to it, so I can check up there - even if it will be disgustingly overpriced.

As for Monkey Ball... it was fairly well received by one of the people here, the other one not sure it was her type of game.

Monkey Target made them gawp in amusement, however.

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