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Edmonton doominess.

My sister had a great idea - she wanted me to start up an Internet company in Edmonton!

The idea: people come in and pay to use a machine's Internet capability for an hour, and I'd have to sit around and give them codes to keep them online and generally make sure no-one was ripping the firm off. She informed me all I needed to do was find a way of getting hold of a few PCs, a few webcams, a printer, a scanner, and find an empty shop available to be leased and find people (who'd work for little as well) to aid in the process (though she thought I'd only need two workers - me and someone else pulling 12-hour shifts every day non-stop sounds good to her, hehe).

It's really not what I wanted to do. I didn't want to be put under so much pressure for my first job. I'm no entrepreneur. I'm not a leader. I'm certainly not the most imposing of people - if someone didn't want to pay, I'd be hard-pressed to get the money out of them. However, my sister felt it'd be certain to work! Whereas I think if she wants the Internet shop as a 24-hour store around Edmonton, I'd also need a stabproof bulletproof jacket. But anyway, I nodded politely and just said maybe at the time, and said it didn't sound like my ideal job - she said if I wanted to get into computers, this was a way to do it and that I sounded like I wasn't thinking of how to make "easy money"...

She does have some strange pipe dreams, my sister does.

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