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Oh, and the other day at Alton Towers.

Me and Jess (and Jess' sister Alis, and her friend) left initially.

On the train to Derby, we met Liam. To be honest, neither me nor Jess were certain it was Liam, but he was too much of a shortarse to be Neil and he knew who we were. Liam noticed me as a result of the orange jacket and beard, and a few quips were made about it; especially how I seemed to have an orange aura about me as a result. We got to the Towers themselves at about 11. Abby immediately pouncehugged me as I got through the entrance gates, and manic squeaking ensued as Abby latched onto Jess and then Liam for a bit - at this point, Alis and her friend buggered off to do their own thing, and we were set to meet them later.

Dave then led us to a spot away from the gates to meet up with Katy, Neil and Jack. Everyone started squeaking a little, and there was a frenzy of exchanging presents. As we queued for rides, you could start to see how the group was dividing into smaller sections.

Liam and Katy had stood at the back of the queue of us 8, and had limpeted themselves to each other, gibbering insanely about anything. Me and Jess stood in front of them, keeping quiet but just occasionally answering a question aimed at us, or asking each other if we were okay, and were we sure etc and just making a fuss of each other. Then the group of four at the front were Neil, Abby, Dave and Jack who were basically mohhing at how Liam and Katy were oblivious to everything around them.

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