There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Because I'm a heartless bastard and you people should know it.

It's raining heavily here at this moment. And as you might not know, I live in the middle floor in a three-floor block of flats. Now, under me in the block of flats, there lives an annoying kid. And directly above me in the block of flats lives another annoying kid. And these annoying kids often play together. And I could hear them hiding in a dry area downstairs, cowering from the rain.

I also have some cake bars that are going off. Cake bars are basically chocolate-covered sponge cakes with an extra treat such as caramel or honeycomb inside.

So what I did was throw one cake bar out of my window into the wet outdoors. And the two kids saw the food fly down and started squabbling and fighting in the mud to get it. Eventually one of them got hold of it and started to chomp happily at it. The other kid looked as if he were on the verge of tears as he shouted out for me to get another one.

Which I did.

Which I then threw as far away from the dry patch as possible into a MASSIVE PUDDLE. He had to pretty much wade in to get it.

So, they got food, I got a laugh. I'm happy.

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That is so wrong yet so right. Hahaha! I like ya style, great thinking ! ^_^ *giggle*

You evil, evil man. *snickers*

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