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Spending more recently...

Worrying about having a small amount of money is stupid. So a few circumstances came up for me to spend money.

1. Jess broke her pendant - it's got a long history behind it and I've seen her wearing it pretty much every time I've seen her. She's had it about three years but it finally snapped.

As a result, I asked her what kind of animals she liked and looked for a pendant.

2. I thought I'd go and indulge myself a bit due to how ill I've been feeling recently - and seeing there's not a GC game I fancy, I'm after a few old DC titles. Seaman and Bomberman Online, with the boot disc, should cost about £35-40 the lot.

Not bad, seeing that's a regular GC game's price.

Now have a cough and a sneeze but fortunately nothing else... well, except for a great deal of drowsiness due to medicine.

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