There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Spending more recently...
Worrying about having a small amount of money is stupid. So a few circumstances came up for me to spend money.

1. Jess broke her pendant - it's got a long history behind it and I've seen her wearing it pretty much every time I've seen her. She's had it about three years but it finally snapped.

As a result, I asked her what kind of animals she liked and looked for a pendant.

2. I thought I'd go and indulge myself a bit due to how ill I've been feeling recently - and seeing there's not a GC game I fancy, I'm after a few old DC titles. Seaman and Bomberman Online, with the boot disc, should cost about £35-40 the lot.

Not bad, seeing that's a regular GC game's price.

Now have a cough and a sneeze but fortunately nothing else... well, except for a great deal of drowsiness due to medicine.

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That's gorgeous. I think she'll like it ^_^

It seems like she does like it indeed, hehe.

Dean... you're wicked, you are. That is so beautiful and extremely thoughtful-- thank you so much! A nice reminder of the qualities and personality I love you for-- I shall wear it always. Man, you are too damn good to me. I wish I was there, so I could return the favour by cheering you up and making you feel better. I know, I'll break your legs the next time I visit, so I can fuss over you all week!

About the Dreamcast stuff...

The Utopia boot disk (the free hax0r one-- PISS easy to make a copy of) apparently runs about 80% of import games. It runs Seaman perfectly, but I've heard it can't run the Smash Pack ("WISE FWOM YOUR GWAVE" is too much for it) and a few others. The Dreamcast has FAR less strict country protection than the PSX, so it's dead easy to use the disk.

Alternatively there's something called the DC-X disk, which you can buy for around £10. This is like Utopia, only it apparently plays ALL import games. Hell, you still have that GameShark, don't you? That runs many imports too I believe, come to think of it!

I want Bomberman Online too. And Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram. I'll have the mother of all Dreamcast game collections when I'm finished.

Well, this'll sound sappy, but you deserve it. I knew how much the old pendant means to you, and I always wanted to offer you something you could always wear.

As for the looking after me... meh, let the doctors and their ilk fix me up, I'll be fine in a week at worst, surely. I can't keep this coughing problem up for too long, surely. I have noticed I was suffering from excess phlegm in my throat so what I'm going to do is have a cup around me so I can spit the excess phlegm out at all times. I'll keep drinking water as well to try to recuperate any lost fluids.

Oh, and I'll sort out a doctor's appointment.

And as for the Dreamcast stuff - I noticed that Bomberman needed that DC-X, so I ordered one. It was £15. But if my Gameshark CD does run most of the imports, then I'll probably offload said disc to you so you can play Bomberman et al as well.

It's beautiful. Good taste. :)

Thank you.

Heh, first time someone's declared me of having good taste in a while.

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