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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Thanks to:
Ickle Cute Thing
a) Anyone that's wished me a happy birthday, either as a livejournal post or via chat programs. Tis a kind thought of you.
b) Anyone that participated in the comments regarding that [poorly] coded post.
c) jessicapadkinJess, for the lovely presents I've received today (they did get here on time, huzzah).
d) Anyone who wants to come round and tidy this place up, it's a mess. I'll pay you in Doritos.

The family came in with the cake on midnight, knowing I usually don't wake up early and they were off to work. My cake had an upsidedown 5 and a snapped bit of a 0 to make 21 on it, which was sweet and exactly the type of thing that's randomly amusing to me. Mum also burnt her hand lighting the candles.

Mum's got me a little thing, a clock/temperature machine. It's novel but useless. Grandad got me a horrible camera, which was just useless, but that's the type of guy he is. For my Mum's 50th birthday he gave her a branded umbrella. By branded we mean a snow white brolly supporting IFAW.

I've been travelling around today, seeing the family who've been wishing me well for the day. I'm off for the evening to see Bob with my sister. Bob went out with Mum during the teenage years in my life and he showed an interest in me, far more than any other boyfriend of Mum's has, which means he feels the closest to a Dad I have. I always try to keep in contact with him, even though things with Mum didn't work out.

The stingy git in me prevailed, as the only things I've got myself today to celebrate are a second-hand copy of Super Mario Advance 4 (aka the portable Mario 3) and a Futurama boxset. Still, it's been nice and calm today and the evening looks set to go well too.

I think I'll have to contact my sister, though, just to see where she is. She was meant to get here at 7.

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Gwah! Get with the wellness!

You were waiting until I was swallowing before you got to the phlegm part, weren't you?
Anyway, antbiotics = good. Take lots.

(what are you guys talking about?)

Check the date. This is a very old discussion.

One, in fact, I'd hoped would remain forgotten.

Would you like me to delete the comments?

That won't be necessary.

Given my current state of mind, no doubt it'll be forgotten in about a day. ^^;

Not only it is evil in nature, it is also evil in spelling!

But yes, it is a very good idea to cough it out. I had the same problem while in BJ, but the bigger problem is, I have no idea how I can cough it out, somehow it always slides back into my throat and clog my trechea some more. =P That is also very evil. Though, it helps if you can sneeze, heh. It sorta being forced out sometime.

... Woo. Information.

Urrrrgh! Medication! *nods*

Running on American time (and late, as usual), I think that I'm among the last to wish you a happy birthday! :] I've only just posted something.

21, uh huh. Pull the other one. 38?

You damned whippersnappers, never showing respect for your elders.

Hey look 'dudes', an old man! * points and laughs *

Heh heh, let's take 'is money an' use it for pot!

An' beat the ol' fucker. ^_^

*waves fist in anger* Why, I'll get you, I will!


Aww sorry to say I was very much busy with exam work on your birthday ;_; Well happy Belated Birthday! Hope you enjoyed your day :3

And a very happy birthday to you sweetie. ^^ Your present should reach you soon. I'm sorry bout that. Ugh.
I'm really happy you had a great time. It's fortunate your craving for cake came at such a convienient time eh? ;)

Thanks, hon. I'll just have to wait patiently, heh.

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