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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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What I did this evening.
When I came out of the pub (watching football with Bob) I found out that the games shop had been robbed and the police were there dusting for fingerprints. "Armed Robbery" was what the staff member said - knowing Enfield, that'd mean they probably used knives. There were three of them, and so it makes me think it was those three. When I saw them they were wearing caps and puffy jackets. Rather identikit items of clothing for around here but it also covers a lot of the body... would make it hard for eyewitnesses.

I've wanted to work at that shop for so long... given the chance I'd still work there, I like games and have some knowledge of movies; I'd be a good staff member. But in those situations who knows what could happen to me...


Well, I seemed to deal with it okay.

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*Puts hand to face* Thank goodness nobody got injured.... I just hope those criminals are captured =/....

You're very lucky they didn't gang up on your or something o.o;; I'm quite relieved you weren't hurt.. ^.^

I thought you were talking about me in that last paragraph o_O;;

Well, my mum must've been very pre-occupied, cos she forgot to tell me! 9_9 Ah, the importance of chips. ;)
The same sorta thing must happen in every shop though; happens in the Blockbusters where we live. :/ A right pain in the arse for the people that work in these shops, I'm sure.

Heh, nothing means more than chips, eh? ;)

Nyeh, that was one of the blessings of Game, at least. Reasonable opening and shutting hours and several staff so everyone could keep protected.

Everything okay over there though?

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