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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Spoke before I leaped before I looked.
I'd begun to prepare for the trip to see MiSung. I'd counted my money, got my passport information ready and all seemed to be going well.

Kerry next door was having an engagement party. I muttered in this post that I knew she'd find happiness and I was glad some guy was going to look after her.

Days after the engagement party the relationship between her and him was over, he'd been attempting to control her too much. From the party, to how he didn't want much to do with her family after the wedding. She hated that and left him swiftly.

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*Someone's* in a corny mood! "Developed into a woman", oh god, I'm just trying to imagine hearing you say that, haha! ;D

*Someone* was in a very happy mood last night ^_^

And, you're being bloody cheeky :P

As for the "Developed into a woman" line, I just used that to indicate her age. Without that line it sounds like an eleven-year old's engagement party :P

Cheeky? Nah!
Yeah, but when you think about, if you say someone's getting engaged, you assume that it is gonna be an adult, not an 11 year old. Well, I certainly don't know of any 11 year olds who are engaged anyway - maybe in Enfield though, eh? ;P

This is Enfield. The average engaged couple get engaged at 13, around here :P

These engaged couples then have a big argument and split before they get to 14 :P

Yep, get engaged at 13, and then split at 14, a few months after the baby is born. ;)

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