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Is Hallowe'en consentual robbery nowadays?

I love Hallowe'en. For fear of making myself sound old way before my time, when I were a lad the whole Hallowe'en era had charm to it. Maybe it's just the recent generation but the magic of the time feels long forgotten. And yet the gap between the times I did this and now is barely ten years. Frankly, it disgusted me that things have developed like so.

It was a dull grey outside tonight, it didn't feel like magic was in the air. The only things in the air were fireworks, still being fired off a week early. Sure, they're pretty, but they're not apt for tonight. In fact, these fireworks usually start in September and will keep going to December. Guy Fawkes didn't try to blow up the Houses of Parliament for pretty much every night over five months, last I knew.

I saw three mobs of children while I was walking home from the train station. The first mob were cursing like mad at everyone, just to attract attention so they knew you were listening when they asked for cash. When you didn't give them any, they shouted more profanities. The second mob were trying to find a way to get eggs and flour to pelt at "the old git's house" because he "won't give them money, only crap". The last mob were trick or treating normally. However, they hadn't even dressed up. They were just in tracksuit tops and jeans and weren't really interested in much more than getting as much as possible with as little possible effort put into it.

So... where has the magic gone? I was really quite annoyed by these people. Why do they deserve treats if they're going to treat (no pun intended) people with contempt if they don't get what they want?

Tonight is now a night where children can ask for money and people are expected to give money to them because of tradition. If children keep like this, I will make sure all the coins they can take from me will have been left in the freezer beforehand, so it'll be painful to have said coins. It'd be a trick kids of this era deserve.

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