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New word, purchase: Meeh, Shenmue (DC)

I'd picked up the word "meeh" from Cat-Gonk, a person who rated Pokémon in some forum - Azure Heights, I believe it was called. A sign of my chameleonic nature seeping through.

I'd begun to notice Manor Court, where my Nan lives, was becoming decidedly chav. People I used to see as friends were turning into hooligans and with that the weekends I'd spend at Nan's turned to Friday evenings only. I need to remember to look out for her more, the amount of time she's lost around family in the last few years is monumental; I do act like when she's out of sight, she's out of mind and I need to stop that.

I'm too rash to her on the phone these days.

I'd been told to get a game for myself for Christmas, so I bought Shenmue. However, desperate to play the game before then, I'd kept Shenmue for myself, and gave the family an older title I didn't play any more, to wrap up. I was a cheeky bugger in them days.

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