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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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The good, the bad, the ugly.
The good: ...well, kinda good, anyway. They do have more work for me in SI, over the month of February they can have me in for three weeks minimum. This is a rather pleasant thing, especially as I have to walk a fair bit and the weather in February will be far more bearable than during January. Sure, that's a remarkably odd way to look at things, but then I've been on a phase of alternate logic that really doesn't make much sense.

I also have the opportunity to do babysitting for someone... the kids are pleasant and to be honest, it wouldn't feel like much of a chore, especially considering I'd be getting paid for what I'd be doing... so I will explore that avenue of potential work soon.

The bad: I managed to knock a cigarette from Mum's hand earlier in the evening. This resulted in a small hole appearing in her carpet and her screaming at me a little. She's not been in the best of moods recently and that didn't help any. I could have said smoking's a filthy habit, anyway, and if she wasn't smoking that wouldn't have happened. Or even that she makes a commotion of a carpet burn, yet the fact her lungs are getting closer and closer to being burnt to a cinder means nothing to her... nyeh. That type of logic wouldn't have worked in an argument with her though, so the tongue was held.

The ugly: I appear to have a horrible sleep pattern. This must be averted very soon.

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Ack, I thought you had moved out.


Far from it. Things got happier around here, once Mum found a new boyfriend who didn't look like trying to take advantage of her at every opportunity... it's actually been quite nice living around here recently, to be honest.

Primarily it's only when I mess up that I get complained at nowadays, which is fair enough to me... :)

As long as you're happier than you were.

I still need to send you chewy american cookies...

Things are nicer. Not perfect, but definitely a comfortable atmosphere to live in.

That would be nice.

We should talk again sometime soon. It's been quite a while since we've been able to.

And it's 5:30. Proof of the "ugly" point. I just don't even feel tired. I may try and last for the whole day instead. This will obviously fail and I'll fall asleep at about noon until midnight, making the sleep pattern even worse.

*hugs you hard*
Move in with your Nan. She sounded like a much lovelier person.

It's been a long while since we last talked. Since then my Nan has become a living hell to be around... since an operation on her legs she seldom smiles, and always complains about anything anyone tries to do to help her. I've had my mother and sister in tears from comments she's made and tried to be the one to negotiate peace between the lot of them.

When I had to look after her for a week, it was a pain. You get no space at all with Nan; at least I get that here.

I am the queen of horrible sleep pattern's, join the club :-(

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