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Strange what you can write when you're less overly optimistic.

"Having been the "agony aunt" to friends on the Internet and trying to make them less unhappy, I would have guessed suicide kills a lot of people of our age. Too much pressure is put on people these days - treated as numbers - until they gain bonus letters after their name. Add to that the massive hormonal changes still going about in bodies and you have angsting bombs, ready to explode/implode at the drop of a hat.

Before you are 20 peer pressure seems to dictate you must have smoked, must have taken drugs, must have consumed alcohol, must have had sex. You must be perfect, or at least perfectly average. You must not be unique, for uniqueness is not a talent that aids in gaining employment. And to do well in employment you must know your Ps and Qs while licking Rs.

What a future to have; what a past to be expected to have."

I wrote that several months ago. Now, when I see myself as far more happy-go-lucky, knowing I wrote that scares me. I almost don't want to believe I wrote it.

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