There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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I am struggling to find a plain, yellow, long-sleeve t-shirt in large to buy from the UK.

This amuses and bemuses me in equal measures.

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Ah, your Pacman mission.

Erm... there's been a change of plan. As in, I have several ideas for shirts. I'm sure I will get someone to make several of them. There's about 4 plans now. Two will require yellow, one green, one black (the black'll be easy to obtain).

Go into H+M on the corner at Oxford Circus, and then upstairs to the male section - they do indeed sell 'em there, cos one of my mates just bought one. :) They're on the sale thing, and are really cheap (about £2.99 or something)

Nice to hear from you. I need to pester you lot to visit again, or something.

The plan I have for today is to go to that Matalan near Brimsdown Station first, seeing it's closer by. If I can't find what I want, then I'll have to trek into London. If you can't visit anytime soon, I may pester James about going - he said he may be back home for next weekend to show his girlfriend around London (and he asked if I wanted to tag along and meet her).

Thanks for the info, though. Hmm, I still have a copy of Soul Calibur lying here that was meant to be yours. What should I do? Send it by mail to you?

Ah, I don't rate that Matalan place very much. ¬_¬ I mean, it's cheap and stuff, but I just didn't like the choice and range. Tis worth going into central London - the sales are on! ;D There's nothing like getting crushed by hoards of mad bitches and guys! *laughs*

I'd love to come over, but I gotta get some work done (that I've left to the last minute, of course ;) Are you working still? And I know you can't send messages on your mobile, but can you still receive phonecalls with it? Are you sure you don't want that game? How much do you want for it? (questions, so many questions!! ;D)

Just get a plain white one and dye it.

Then I need a shirt AND dye.

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