There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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They say spending when you feel down makes you feel better...
...so I noticed that Livejournal now accepts credit card payments and so got me a permanent account on a whim.

A fair purchase seeing how much Livejournal's given me. Well, depending on how much Barclays' decrees the exchange rate for $100 into UK £.

So that's my luxury for the near future. It'll keep me happy.

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I'd love one too. But at my current situation, I don't think I can spare 100US, which is... 150CAD? I know it is probably a good bargain. It is a big amount to take out of your pocket at one time. Heh heh.

But whoa Dean, you now own a permanent account, you rule!

A hundred bucks for all time, eh? I'll have to think about that in September.

They do seem to offer the permanent accounts at random times; around three times a year.

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