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I don't talk about Jessica much on here.

It's not really until recently when I sat down and thought about things, that the time me and Jess have been together has flown by. With highs and lows, but always stability. A few nights ago something happened that left me thinking about the relationship, and if things were going okay. After a little bit of realisation on my behalf and a talk to Jess yesterday, I realised that at times I take this relationship for granted. At times I think a bit selfishly and I need to work harder to make Jess feel like I can help if she ever needs me.

It's been just over a year since my first visit to Jess'. I'm glad I met her. If anything, meeting her changed me, sparked me into wanting to meet more internet people, after how much fun I had there. Overall, though, for the year - I've felt happy with how the relationship's been going. I wouldn't want to change how things have happened too, the lows have been needed to teach us both something about the relationship and let us work at making things better.

So, coming up to Saturday and I'll be meeting someone else - if details can be sorted out, this should be a fun trip as far as I'm concerned. If it wasn't for Jess I don't know if I'd be as happy meeting so many people...

I miss Jess right now. Been pining for her for most of the week. Hopefully after my work ends/her work ends I can somehow manage to drag her here for a visit, or vice versa.

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