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Small world, it is. I just noticed someone who added me to my friends' list recently - it's shocking to see them on here, but very good in the same way. Hopefully I'll see her online sometime soon. I also tried to get in contact with sexyscholar but on Yahoo I was declined when I asked for authorisation, which was a bit of a pain. Ah well.

Work was good, if tiring. I didn't get a good night's sleep beforehand and right now my head is throbbing. Maybe I'll have a moderately early night. It may clear my head of some thoughts. Pay's awful, the discounts aren't. It seems an okay job, potentially.

I got in contact with Trudi and Asti today, and will see them next Tuesday. That'll be great because I've missed their company, they're the best friends I've probably had; it's just a shame I seldom get to see them.

This evening my sister popped in and we've been trying to look for motor insurance for her dodgy car while I try to explain to Jess things aren't 100% relationshipwise. I couldn't offer Jess 100% concentration and this has left the end result of my sister pestering me when I needed to write to Jessica. I can't write exactly what I want to Jessica, and eventually had to say I can't talk to her because of my sister.

If I were in Jessica's position I'd be insulted at this and I really don't feel good now as a result of my sister and her dodgy deals. Especially when I read what Jess had wrote (because my sister was gawping at the screen, oblivious to the fact I really needed to talk to Jess, so I couldn't open the IM window - heck, I had to put a Rambooster window over the IM window before I typed I couldn't talk to prevent sis staring.)

I'm not feeling good about things here.

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