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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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(no subject)
Small world, it is. I just noticed someone who added me to my friends' list recently - it's shocking to see them on here, but very good in the same way. Hopefully I'll see her online sometime soon. I also tried to get in contact with sexyscholar but on Yahoo I was declined when I asked for authorisation, which was a bit of a pain. Ah well.

Work was good, if tiring. I didn't get a good night's sleep beforehand and right now my head is throbbing. Maybe I'll have a moderately early night. It may clear my head of some thoughts. Pay's awful, the discounts aren't. It seems an okay job, potentially.

I got in contact with Trudi and Asti today, and will see them next Tuesday. That'll be great because I've missed their company, they're the best friends I've probably had; it's just a shame I seldom get to see them.

This evening my sister popped in and we've been trying to look for motor insurance for her dodgy car while I try to explain to Jess things aren't 100% relationshipwise. I couldn't offer Jess 100% concentration and this has left the end result of my sister pestering me when I needed to write to Jessica. I can't write exactly what I want to Jessica, and eventually had to say I can't talk to her because of my sister.

If I were in Jessica's position I'd be insulted at this and I really don't feel good now as a result of my sister and her dodgy deals. Especially when I read what Jess had wrote (because my sister was gawping at the screen, oblivious to the fact I really needed to talk to Jess, so I couldn't open the IM window - heck, I had to put a Rambooster window over the IM window before I typed I couldn't talk to prevent sis staring.)

I'm not feeling good about things here.

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Ack! I feel like an asshead.

At least we're chatting now. This is good.

You should have told your sis to bugger off.

Maybe you and Jess just need to see each other to say it in person.

*hugs ya*

Maybe I should, but then the family wouldn't have understood and I'd have been grumbled at for a few days.

*hugs* I'm sure next I meet Jess things will be sorted out.

Hello Dean, and thanks for the kind words up above! :) I have to say though that I'm sure you've had better friends! Thanks again for this account. Shall be seeing you next week! And I'm sure Jess will understand, thre's nothing worse than an annoying relative trying to watch your every activity while on the computer. I can't stand people watching me while I browse at porn, it's just not fair! ;) ;)
Ta ta!

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