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Lastly... do you know me? Are you trying to find me?

A few months ago, vanish told me to make up an account for Hot or Not with her. I did indeed do so and created an account so people could try and contact me if they liked what I wrote (I just put I was looking for nice friends, but in a way that sounds nicer than it does here) and if they showed initiative (i.e. I put down my name as Dean, and one of my interests as livejournal, and from Enfield - if they search for people in Enfield on livejournal they won't find many Deans).

But for the third time someone has informed me I am "hot", as it were. They've set themselves as liking livejournal and give a vague description of where they're from (Bay Area - which, being a UKer, took a little time to trace down to being in San Francisco, California) and obviously have a picture displayed. So I went on a little Cleaseau-esque hunt to see if I could find them. I'll have to see if I can find them, I'm naturally curious about people like these. It'll be a fun mission to try. Hopefully they'll be curious and doing the same.

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