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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Help them all, help them all, the helping helpers helpful helping.
Ickle Cute Thing
This weekend went well. On Saturday Asti and Trudi visited. Fun was had, and even though they forgot their presents I tried to offer them, things are great. Asti has got a trial for the same games shop as I'm going to hopefully be working at, thanks to my (to be honest) blatant cheek... (and yes, their site is that out of date).

We watched more movies from the US OoT Zelda disc and drooled over the video of the new Zelda. We played a few stints of Bomberman Generation too, but just generally caught up again. We've gone for long stints without seeing each other before now, so I'm glad for any opportunities to see either of them. Not in a "I want to stalk these people" way, though, you understand. Ahem.

jessicapadkinJess also promised she'd get me a wonderful Strong Bad t-shirt when she orders her Trogdor t-shirt. This is very much appreciated and a very special thing from her. That made me feel good.

For the evening I ate from some kebab shop that gave me a stomach upset, and then went to Nan's and watched the wonderful Jonathan (I always feel confused with spelling this word, sometimes making it Johnathan unless I think about it) Creek (note: Creek is the shaggy-haired guy and not the guy talking prominently through this video; that's Rik Mayall, another wonderful actor) before coming back home and rambling on here as usual.

Jess: Interesting Alan Davies link here.

I picked up a dirtcheap GBA with Golden Sun for thirty pounds, after I found my money from SI finally came through. So, Saturday was good. And Sunday became more of the same, thankfully.

Tony visited, we went for walks around shops, we played Beach Spikers and watched little bits and bobs on television. Tonight I've watched the gorgeous Being John Malkovich and generally felt rather content. I have work tomorrow night; this'll be as close to a baptism as fire as I'll have to deal with.

I'm slightly disturbed that something from McDonald's looks tempting to me. Which'll mean it'll taste vile, for certain, I guess. It just reminds me of a nice cheese and ham toastie I always enjoyed from a shop near Leicester Square. (warning: link will take you to McDonald's site with flash aplenty and dodgy music playing).

A ridiculously vast amount of links are strewn throughout this post. This idea is derived from dogmeat and has only been done because I was a little bored.

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I <3 Strong Bad! ^_^ Strong Sad is cuter, though. The both of them have the BEST Halloween constumes. xD

Was great seeing ya Dean, shall be seeing you tomorrow? Any word yet on whether PSO is available to rent? Hope so!!!!
Strong Bad was the guy that replied to emails, right? I liked him ;)

Should be seeing me tomorrow, yeah. What time were you meant to be over here at? And I doubt PSO will be available to rent yet, it seems the guy who owns the shop severely underestimated how many people wanted it.

Strong Bad was indeed the email guy, yes. Thought you'd like him, you sinister thing, you.

Around midday I think was the time agreed. I think. Although Asti starts work at 12, so I guess it's just youuu and meee ;) Dammit! They haven't sold out of PSO have they? Y'know my copy of Blood Omen 2 STILL hasn't arrived? It's a disgrace! If I don't receive it tomorrow, then I shall be sending out an angry email!
He was funny ;)

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