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Weekend bloody weekend.

Well, you may have noticed since Thursday I've not really considered posting in here. So I'll make up for most of it now.

On Thursday I had another slow day at work, generally checking PS2 discs to see how scratched they are. Days into working and monotony already strikes. I also picked up Ape Escape 2 from work on the cheap before coming home. I felt pretty shattered and really didn't feel like playing the game. I also didn't feel like typing much so I browsed around a few sites (hence why I bombared my journal with links for all).

I was considering renting a film out, given that once you work there you can start to do that for nothing... but I didn't want to feel like I was taking too much of an advantage from my situation. I felt like I was also being a bit of a pain - I guess this was because I wasn't really on the ball for much of Thursday, still wondering about Nan - so I'd rather ask if I could rent on the cheap after I feel I've done a hard day's work.

Friday... another acquisition, the last I'll make for a while. Super Monkey Ball 2 was bought and unlike Ape Escape 2, it was plopped straight into its corresponding console and played for as much of the night as I could. There was an obvious gap in proceedings when Bill came up and we went to go see Nan, as we do every Friday... but when I came back, I was up until around 4 AM playing the game, trying to get through Story Mode. And I did that too. In fact, staying up so late then is probably keeping me up so late now.

Anyway, going to bed at nearly 5 didn't help me wake up early on Saturday, when I'd arranged for Asti and Trudi to come round and visit for a bit. It wasn't the first thing that happened of note in the day, though. In the morning Cliff was huffing and puffing about some cameras he'd bought a while ago - they were obvious fakes but it took him until today when a person he sold a camera on to, said it didn't work. The box the camera came in gave massive warning signs - no company info, no barcodes, nothing on there in case the item didn't work and needed to be returned. The very special danger signal of being told the cameras are worth £600 but were given to Cliff for the low low price of £60 for two. So he smashed this other camera up in a fit of rage. Excellent stuff.

Anyway. Ignoring that moment of stupidity, the day went well. Trudi, Asti and I played Monkey Ball 2 until Asti had to leave for work. We went to see Asti and made sure she was okay in the shop, and then Truds and I sat here playing more Monkey Ball 2 and a demo for a PS2 game, Primal. Looked very impressive, actually. Anyway, after Trudi left early, I sat on here, caught up with livejournal and played a bit of Beach Spikers, before a friend popped over and we spent most of the evening playing the game. One of my friends adores this game, claiming it's "on another level to any other game I've bought". Quaint thing to say.

Anyway. I've rambled on about nothing special at all. It's 5 AM and this post has taken seemingly forever to write. Ah well, I don't have to wake up for anything tomorrow and I'm pretty sure I won't be waking up for anything if I can get away with it. And when I wake up, I'll read this and wonder why the hell I blathered on about nothing for so long, I'll wager.

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