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There's a storm in my teacup!

Well, in my dollar store mug.

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Something for the sake of something something.
Well, there's war on the TV. I've been listening in to a lot of it, but I still wager I'm naive to the whole thing, and so my opinion is to be kept to myself.

Work seems more interesting now that my input really feels appreciated - I feel like I am a part of a team, which makes me happy. I worried I'd feel a little alone in this job. However, I must to find a way to turn this into a regular job. I need to find more hours to work, to guarantee this job will offer sufficient enough pay for me.

And I finally have my yellow t-shirts, at bloody last. Next time I go into London I finally have shirts to get a design onto. Now to get these designs onto disc, ready for it.

...I've not heard from Jessica yet, but I really hope she does come down next Thursday. I can't see why she wouldn't, but I want her to guarantee she'll be here before I start planning ideas. I want us to not be stuck inside here all weekend; and I want to treat her as much as I can.

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Oh yes. I will do Penny Arcade proud. Ahem.

It's not as bright a yellow as Gabe's shirt, but it is still good enough.

Excellent news about the job, man. It's fantastic feeling like you're a valued member of a team, doesn't it?

Especially when they couldn't do business on some sites without you. Not that I'm over-inflating my self-importance or anything, oh no.

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